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Mac Pro 2013 6,1 redesign predictions for the Pro users

Logic Pro X & Mac Pro updated for 2013! Pro users of Final Cut X & Logic Pro X, 2013 will be the release year to upgrade with plenty of new features and a redesign! Ivy Bridge with USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt could be indications for a mid/ late 2013 release.

Logic and the Mac Pro are words you often see together in the same sentence, so, we’d thought we’d enter the year with a news article for the Pro users; namely Audio and Video enthusiasts who run Final Cut X or a server farm or two need a lot of power in their machines. So 2013 is here and it’s the year of Logic Pro X and the new Mac Pro 2013 ! With the ability to upgrade parts, Mac Pros are workhorses behind many post houses and recording studios. Note that this is the original article posted below on the 2/01/13 which macworld then re-wrote for their own site to generate traffic on the 4/01/13 based on our findings entitled ‘New Mac Pro release date, rumours and leaked images’.

April 2013: A revised multi paged article for the Mac Pro appears on our sister site ProAppUsers.com

Why the Mac Pro is needed for the workstation Audio / Video Market… CONTENT CREATION

Dropping the Mac Pro would cause a big backlash in the pro community. Think about how many studios, albums, movies use Mac Pros. Even college servers, rendering farms.. They would not only loose the pro, but the airports, MacBooks they may buy, software licences, multiple copies of Final Cut, Logic, Photoshop, etc. So many developers code for Mac….so many specialists code AU plugins that they would be put out of business.

iDevices (iPads, iPhones, Apple TVs) are all for consumption. How about creation? Pixar need their Mac’s to for the artists, production crew, editors, short renders..where will we be if studios across the world aren’t producing on Apple products? Sure, they could buy build and learn a PC system, but dropping it is such a catastrophic change for the world…there is the buying, learning, testing, configuring of new systems which could put companies out for a long while. Learning new programs, money and time are big factors. We want Music, Movies, games… Science needs big powerful workstations. Steve Jobs would turn in his grave to hear a Microsoft user says ‘well, know that on your iPhone all your movies and music is made on a PC’. 

Reasons for the Mac Pro for the Pro Market

Mac Pros use the Xeon CPU’s which are server grade made for serious number crunching. With recent updates from companies all going 64bit such as Waves and Soundtoys, the pro audio rig is in demand even more. Non-committal mixes with plugins inserted on every track need projects to be played back instantly when you hit that space bar in front of your client. Maybe more than CPU multi-core speeds is the need for RAM and Hard drive space.

Audio getting written to the drive time and time again can wear out your HD so having the option to user replace it in a Mac Pro is a big advantage. Having your DAW read large sample libraries or just having a large collection of files makes the Mac Pro an attractive option. Not to mention video users using 4K footage which eats HD space like nothing else. Got a backup of the project after the corrupt file incident? Yep, it’s on drive 2. Want to update a HD? yep, pull it out, slot a new one in before SMART status fails.

Sample libraries are loaded into RAM and with the extensive sampling of today, a few libraries in your project eat away at all the RAM you have. Bottom line, a lot of pro audio / Logic users are looking forward to the Mac Pro update in 2013..which is in fact, this year! 64 RAM for renders? Slot that baby in.

More applicable to grading and Final Cut users, but the choice of screens and multiple display outs is another reason. A lot of recording studios have different screens and needs too. Pro users don’t have to stick to the Apple Cinema Display – they might use projectors in the control room (we’ve seen some!) or TV’s for seeing how films will look like for consumers.

In the video world, your graphics card is a big part of the meat in your system. Every other mac (iMacs/Mac Mini/Macbook Pro) you cannot upgrade the card. Apple wouldn’t kill the video industry by stopping the pro…would they? UAD card is one for the audio enthusiasts

MacPro 2013 – what news information do we have already?

-Tim has said there’s something special in store for 2013 for Pro users


-Radeon HD drives were found in in OSX 10.8.3 beta and references to MacPro 6,0 models

-Apple are starting to shift production the USA. Yep, Mac made in the USA. Shipping from china is expensive for such bulky items. Rumours indicate the MacPro could be made int the USA as the money Apple mac from producing them may be more worth their while than other mac models they produce in China.

-Mac Pro users are missing out on Thunderbolt drives. So what, the iMac has TB? A lot of consumers are not spending that much for the performance. It’s the Pro area that spend on such additional and upgrades so Apple would want to push the technology and popularity of TB devices.

Mac Pro 2013 6,1 release predictions. Yes, a redesign

-Released with the new Apple Cinema Display with a thin edge ala iMac
-USB 3.0
-Loss / option of adding FireWire on build
-Loss / option of adding optical superdrive on build
-Case redesign for a smaller footprint
-Fusion drive as per the 2012 iMac
-Broadcom 802.11ac WIFI  (450 Mbps on one antenna and up to 1.3 Gbps when all three in use)
-2006 / 2007 Mac Pro will be put on the unsupported list for OSX. As Final Cut X is fully optimised for OpenCL, Grand Central Dispatch and is freshly coded for native 64-bit, we could assume Logic Pro X will be the same and take advantage of the hardware (no more pauses when you play back your tracks 😉 )

MacPro 2013 Will likely be redesigned. A smaller case is an obvious choice

MacPro 2013 Will likely be redesigned. A smaller case is an obvious choice


CPU – It could be late 2013.. Is Apple waiting for Ivy Bridge E ?

Here is some interesting research we came across. The Sandy Bridge chipsets do not support USB 3.0 natively. We’re sure the Mac Pro will get USB 3.0 which means they will use the Ivy Bridge-E/EP. Apple waited until USB 3.0 was natively supported in the chipset for all the other Mac Models so we could well see them waiting again. It’s also worth noting that Apple have in the past received exclusive batches for the Mac line of intel chips so we could hope for this to happen again. It could be a long wait and us here at logicrumours.com hope it’s out tomorrow opposed to Q3


We like to track our Macs with this great little app from the App store which is FREE! Download with the links below for both iOS and the Mac App storeIt’s free for iOS Mactracker – Ian PageMactracker - Ian Page

and for the desktop via the App store Mactracker – Ian PageMactracker - Ian Page



“Apple will take final orders for Mac Pro from resellers up until February 18th for shipment before March 1, 2013.

Countries outside of the EU are not impacted and Mac Pro will continue to be available in those areas”

We are not sure exactly why Mac Pro sales in Europe will be halted, but it know that it is related to a European regulation as the Mac Pro is available in the USA and all other territories. The strongest speculation is that a computer manufacturer cannot continue selling a product advertised as “new” when the internal components are technologically outdated / obsolete by two or more years. This could mean that the Pro is reaching it’s EOL and the new Mac Pro as Tim mentioned is coming soon. The Mac Pro was last modified / updated (depending on your stance) in 2012. Some consider this a move from Apple to reduce costs of production and buying power with current technology rather than manufacture old technology.

Stay tuned for updates and let us know your thoughts on why the Mac Pro has been stopped in the EU and what you would like in a new flagship Mac Pro 6,1

04/03/13 2TB Solid State Drives could be in the works for the Mac Pro! According to the bright side of news

Share your thoughts below! What do you think the Mac Pro will bring for the new Logic Pro users or pro world alike?


Amazon has a great returns process. Add these items to your cart/wish list. It doesn’t commit you to buying but it does allow you to keep track on the price if you are in the market for a Mac Pro now

USA here Apple Mac Pro MD770LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION)

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10 Responses to “Mac Pro 2013 6,1 redesign predictions for the Pro users”

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  2. Kappi says:

    swapped my Mac Pro for a late Mac Mini,will never look back.
    Also saves me €600 in power consumption/year.

  3. Kryss says:

    The looks very stupid almost like a cube in Mac Pro style . That’s complete garbage and they will not make that.

    • Cookie says:

      Oh…I dunno…it’s kinda a cute little cube. The problem is that it looks ridiculously cramped for big-gun CPU’s and there’s no room for PCIe cards. The the current generation while elegantly laid out inside is a behemoth. I like the size of the Promise 6-Drive Thunderbolt raid arrays. In fact…It’d be nice if If I could “eject and insert drives without opening the case up like said drive array.

  4. Mike Bethany says:

    If a chipset doesn’t support USB 3.0 you can just add a USB 3.0 controller chip to the motherboard. It increases production costs of course but Apple’s enviable profit margins have nothing to fear.

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  6. bob says:

    Just FYI, I have worked at Pixar before, and we were mostly using Linux workstations.


    I desperately need a TALL (full sized) configurable MAC PRO DESKTOP (actually below desk top) bone fide TOWER NOW.
    In December I ordered the new 27inch iMAC but it did not arrive by the date promised (due to customs stalling tactics in Alaska: subsequently returned it – So am now myself stalled while waiting for the NEW MAC PRO DESKTOP TOWER. How much longer must I (we) wait? R.S.V.P.
    Charles Mac Dermed

  8. I always spent my half an hour to read this blog’s posts everyday along with a cup of coffee.

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